Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes I do, with PayPal. I also accept Venmo, checks and, of course, cash.

How long does it take to edit my wedding video?

  • On average it takes one - three months to edit your video and ship it out. However, since I am the only editor and I strive to bring you a quality and professionally edited video, it's possible that it may take more time.

Do you require much set-up? 

  • I require very little set up and try my best to be light and mobile. Usually it's just myself, my camera, a monopod, and my camera bag however during the ceremony and reception I do use a tripod, telephoto lenses, and a few additional (but small) cameras to help me capture everything. I also have a small lavalier mic which I prefer the groom wear during the ceremony to help capture the best possible audio which I do just before the ceremony starts. I also do not use or need any additional lighting and can comfortably shoot in most low-light settings.

Do you have a drone?

  • I do! Well, technically I do. I prefer to hire licensed drone pilots for my shoots and it’s simply the better way to do things. The FAA agrees :)

Do you use and lighting?

  • I don't use any lights as I find they often get in the way. I'd prefer to use a camera with lenses that handle low-light situations well and eliminate the need for me to bring any additional gear.

Do you use microphones?

  • I do! All of my cameras used have "shotgun" mics attached to capture any sound. I also like to place a small lapel mic on the groom during the ceremony to capture the best possible audio of your vows. During the reception, I am able to plug into the DJ or MC's mixer and record clean audio throughout the night that way as well, so I never miss an important moment! 

How long have you been shooting weddings? 

  • I shot my first wedding in the summer of 2010 and have owned my own videography company since December, 2013.

Are you insured?

  • I am indeed.